1. Here’s some photos of me at a free supermoto track day put on by PGP Motorsports Park in Kent, WA. As you can see, I’m more comfortable riding my bike knee down road racing style rather than leg out dirt bike style. It’s just fun to lean the bike way over and feel the pavement slide under your knee puck, and until I get comfortable sliding the bike and backing it in, this is how I like to do it.

    I’ve got work to do on my body positioning, as you can see my shoulders aren’t quite squared to the corner, and my chest should be pointed in the direction I’m going with my upper body leaned further towered the corner. And I have no idea what I was looking at, my head and eyes should be looking through the corner to the next section of track. I think it’s because I was going very very very slooooooow in these pictures. Just ask the guy who passed me on a little scooter.

    I got there late and was only able to go out for one session. Even though the track was as crowded and disorganized as you’d imagine a free track day to be, it still was a great time and a good opportunity to acquaint myself with the facilities at Pacific Grand Prix. Located right next to Pacific Raceways, Seattle area motorsports enthusiasts are fortunate to have these two tracks within an hour drive from the city.

    Thanks to Matthew Darling, Johnny Grudzien, and David Hintze for the photos.

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