1. T-Mobile comes dangerously close to making a Ducati commercial with this new ad. As a motorcycle enthusiast I’m always interested in motorcycle culture portrayed in the media, so this definitely caught my eye, not to mention that T-Mobile girl is attractive (the creepy dudes in the youtube comments tell me her name is Carly). Anyway, here’s her alter ego tired of wearing pretty pink dresses and helping people with phones, ready to blow off some steam on a night time rally through the city streets. She gets suited up (let’s assume there’s some very thin D3O style armor in those fashion leathers) and then we are supposed to make the connection of high speed usage on our mobile devices blah blah 4G marketing blah. Personally, I go away from this thinking about motorcycles. Okay, and girls. (Hi Maria, I love you! My girlfriend is a saint). I have to wonder if the general non-motorcycling population views this type of commercial in a totally different way than us enthusiasts?

    Thanks to Gavin Gregory for the heads up!