1. Man’s Gotta Ride

    Chalk up another failed forecast as we had a gloriously beautiful day here in Seattle. Keep ‘em coming!

  2. Man’s Gotta Ride — Just bought this 2003 SV650S. Needs a little TLC and some upgrades, but overall I’m very happy to be an SV owner again. Rode the Mercer Island Loop and the little twin made me smile. Sure, the stock suspension leaves a lot to be desired as mid-corner bumps unsettled both the chassis and my nerves, but that’s what shock swaps and aftermarket suspension upgrades are for. I got a great deal (thanks Jeff!) making the knowledge that I’ll have to put a little extra into it easier to swallow. Just counted it up, this is my 14th bike since I began my love affair with motorcycles in 2004.

  3. Man’s Gotta Ride 

    Friday evening Seward Park sunset. Tahoma looms, beautifully.

  4. Man’s Gotta Ride

    I put the supermoto wheels back on my XR650R today.  Seward Park in South Seattle.