1. It’s hard to keep up a blog in the summertime. To any regular followers, sorry for the lack of content lately. I’ve been doing stuff. Outside. The sun is a fleeting commodity in Seattle. I’ll be back to regular posting at some point…

    In the meantime, I do have my beautiful XR650R for sale if anyone is interested.

  2. After an awesome week in Chicago, we got back in town last night just in time to catch the sunset on a great Backfire Motorcycle Night here in Seattle. Here’s some selects from my iPhone, including a gorgeous original GSX-R 750. 

    See my other posts from previous Backfire Moto Nights here.

  3. Man’s Gotta Ride

    My friend Adam Hoff and I decided to take a little day trip to the mountains today to have some fun on our dual sports. Starting on Tinkham Road, it wasn’t too far off the beaten trail before we hit snow, well before where Grant Ray, Thor Drake, and myself reached last November. We still had a great time, finding some fun roads around Keechelus Lake near Snoqualmie Pass and some unmaintained offshoots with some decent puddles, water crossings, and moderately rough terrain. It was Adam’s first time taking his KTM Super Enduro 950 off pavement, and his findings were that the faster he rode, the more comfortable it was, and the slower he went, the heavier it felt. Overall it’s pretty nimble for a giant dirt bike. We also stopped by a Forest Service Ranger Station at the Pass, and the friendly rangers gave us a couple maps with some ORV areas. As the weather warms and melts the snow, I’m excited to go back up and explore, especially the Forest Service roads between Keechelus and Little Kachess Lakes just east of Hyak. All this and we were back in Seattle by 2:30 PM.

  4. Man’s Gotta Have A Cave

    Spring cleaning! Let me know if anyone wants a 1989 Yamaha XT 600 or a 2004 Yamaha Zuma 50.

  5. Man’s gotta have a cave. Be sure to see my earlier post on this. Say hello to some two wheeled friends.

  6. I love this scene from Purple Rain. Not only does Prince get Apollonia to jump in the cold water of not-Lake Minnetonka, he also powerslides and jumps his custom 1981 Honda CB400A Hondamatic. Yes, of course it’s a stunt rider and yes, the bike changes mid-scene as evidenced by different rear tire treads, but he says “Don’t get my seat all wet” and gets a kiss.

    NSFW as Apollonia’s boobs make a cameo.

  7. Man’s Gotta Ride 

    Friday evening Seward Park sunset. Tahoma looms, beautifully.

  8. When Were You Young? by Trevor Ware captures some of the feeling of freedom and joy one experiences while riding a motorcycle around the country. All in all, Trevor took three years to ride around the US on his 1974 Honda CB550. Rather than settling into a job and mortgage, wife and kids, Trevor decided to really live and follow his dream while he was young. Having made my own 12,000 mile journey a few years ago (amongst other big Western US road trips over the years), this is a feeling that is near and dear to my heart. There is just nothing like traveling long distances on a motorcycle. You can also check out a ride report from a portion of his trip on his blog.

    Via Pipeburn on facebook.

  9. French supermoto champion Sylvain Bidart hoons it up in this video that comes off as a big Honda France/Michelin/Ixon/Intermarche commercial. A well produced sponsor shout out, I suppose. Whatever the reason, it looks fun, and really makes me want a CRF 450 with some supermoto wheels and sticky Michelins, so I guess it worked… 

  10. Man’s Gotta Ride

    I put the supermoto wheels back on my XR650R today.  Seward Park in South Seattle.

  11. My Washington plated 2000 Honda XR650R.  I’ve got the dirt wheels on it for my trip to Laguna Seca for the MotoGP race, as we’ll be hitting up the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route on the way home.  Long day of riding on Thursday…

  12. This old promotional video for the legendary RC30 features music by Erik Satie set to scenes of Honda mechanics working on the V4 engine, followed by a couple of riders on a RC30 and a RC45 in glorious slow motion lapping a track.  In this era of totally eXtreme!!!1!11! sports and in-your-face promotional advertising, it’s refreshing to take a look at a classic approach to showing off a couple of classic motorcycles. 

  13. It’s okay to be a cat guy.  Watching this brought back a great memory for me; while on a solo motorcycle trip a few years back I found a kitten on a highway in the middle of nowhere in south central Utah.  That kitten rode about 200 miles with me wrapped around my neck in a kitty papoose fashioned out of a towel and safety pins.  I named him “Honda” and was luckily able to find a home for him in Moab.  That’s the short version of the story…you know, I think I’ll dig up some pics and do a more in depth feature on that whole experience soon.

    For now enjoy this commercial, part of a campaign for Much Love Animal Rescue.

  14. Alright, this is just awesome right here.  Ron Peck of Ron Peck Motorcycles made a couple of competition chainsaws using the legendary CR500 engine.  See the giant dirt bike header?  I’ve never seen such a cool chainsaw.  From Ron’s blog:


    I built two chain saws out of Honda CR500 engine’s the first was a air cooled and the second used a water cooled engine. I did these for Dennis Cahoon and he is shown here at a lumberjack competition in Grass Valley, CA. The event was on ESPN. Dennis won many contests using these saws. scary!

    More often than creating badass custom chainsaws, Ron restores motorcycles.  Take this beautiful 1966 Triumph Street Tracker, for example:


    On the bizarre flipside, here’s the Dolmette, a motorcycle made with 24 chainsaw engines.  German chainsaw company DOLMAR made this monstrosity a few years ago, presumably for their 80th Anniversary:


    Here’s a video too, it only takes two Germans twelve pulls each to start it.  There’s a “how many German’s does it take” joke somewhere in there…

    Thanks to Adam Hoff for the tip, Ron Peck for the awesome (and the images), and Hacked Gadgets for the Dolmette info.  More pics of Ron’s restorations can be seen on his blog or here.

  15. man’s gotta ride