1. Here’s 10 Pano shots from my iPhone from my recent 10 day, 2700 mile ride to Laguna Seca and back.

  2. The people of the Pine Ridge Reservation are featured in this short film about photographer Aaron Huey’s work using his voice as a platform to educate the public about the reality and history of the Lakota people. His work is the August 2012 National Geographic cover story, and there’s incredible online resources at National Geographic.

    Finally, if you haven’t yet, I strongly you suggest you watch his TED talk. Honor the treaties, give back the Black Hills.

  3. The Isle of Man TT begins tomorrow. Here’s a few pictures from local Isle of Man photographer Peter Faragher to wet your whistle. Flying over Ballaugh Bridge, that’s Isle of Man legend John McGuinness, followed by Guy Martin and Stephen Thompson. You can follow the results here. Here’s wishing all a safe and fast TT. Godspeed to the Gods.

  4. Kauai Panoramics Part I

    Here’s a series of shots I took using the Pano app on my iPhone while in Kauai. Waimea Canyon, the Na Pali Coast, Hanalei Bay and Valley, Kilauea Lighthouse, and the Kauai Paradise Inn, where we stayed, can all be see in these.

  5. Kauai Panoramics Part II

    Here’s a series of shots I took using the Pano app on my iPhone while in Kauai. Waimea Canyon, the Na Pali Coast, Hanalei Bay and Valley, Kilauea Lighthouse, and the Kauai Paradise Inn, where we stayed, can all be see in these.

  6. If you happen to be in the Seattle area in the next week or so you should definitely get down to M.I.A Gallery for The Great Vision. Following up the strong show of beautiful Malick Sidibé photos, M.I.A is featuring an incredible exhibition of Delphine Diaw Diallo’s images from a trip she took to the Crow Country of Southern Montana. What you see here is just a sample of some of the great photos you’ll see at the gallery. Check out M.I.A Gallery on facebook here. If you are interested in more Native culture, art and awareness, be sure to watch Aaron Huey’s TED talk as well.

  7. Ian Ruhter is doing the world’s largest wet plate collodion photography in his portable dark room. This video documents some of his struggles and success working on such a large scale with this tricky and expensive medium. Thanks Spacecraft!

  8. To balance out the heaviness of the Kony video, check out these amazing African images. Malick Sidibé is an incredible African photographer from Bamako, Mali. A collection of his images are currently being shown at M.I.A Gallery here in Seattle. Some of my favorites include a series with people on motorbikes and another with people and various music players. A google image search of his name will bring up an extensive assortment of his photos, but seeing them printed in person is definitely worthwhile. My girlfriend fell so in love with the little girl shaking her head and that she is purchasing a print. Some photographers have the gift of being able to artfully capture the style and grace of people in a time and place, and Sidibé certainly has that knack. He has created a recognizable look and undoubtedly left a lasting mark on the photography world. Choosing just a few of these images was difficult, there are just so many good ones. If nothing else click here to see more. You can also watch a documentary about him and his studio in Bamako, Dolce Vita Africana.

  9. Photographer John Olson went to the family homes of a number of famous musicians in the seventies for LIFE Magazine. Here’s ten shots: Frank Zappa, The Jacksons, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Richie Havens, David Crosby, Joe Cocker, Donovan, and Grace Slick. Thanks to mailonline.com.

  10. Man’s Gotta Explore

    Here’s an incredible HD look at some of the varied surfaces of Mars from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. NASA.

    Thanks Erie Jones!

  11. Vivian Maier was a Chicago nanny who had a penchant for photography. In 2007, then real estate agent and armchair historian John Maloof bought a box of her negatives for $400 at an auction for items from repossessed storage lockers. After seeing what he had stumbled upon, he quickly set about buying boxes from other owners and gathering information about the mystery photographer. When her name finally turned up in 2009, a search found she had died earlier that year. Maloof kept searching for information from those who knew her, eventually forming a greater story of her life and even attaining some of her personal belongings, including a few of her cameras.

    Could Vivian Maier posthumously become known as one of the great street photographers? Time will tell, but the story of her discovery and the photos we have seen thus far are the stuff of legend. A tiny fraction of Maier’s work is showing in NYC at the Howard Greenberg Gallery through January, and another show begins in LA at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery on January 7th. Keep in mind that Maloof hasn’t even processed all of her work yet, so we should be seeing “new” photographs of Maier’s for years to come. A first book of her work is available here.

    Her story and her work is starting to garner a lot of interest, but this Chicago Tonight piece is the best I’ve seen on her. Thanks to Maria Christina Bianco who showed me this back when it ran in the Spring, and who also happens to be a great photographer.

  12. Bob Jensen — Part I

    Bob Jensen is one of those extraordinary characters you meet and never forget.  Bob has lived in the woods of Northern Arizona for about 40 years.  In his youth he spent some years on the Colorado River as a guide, part of a group of infamous river raft guides he refers to as the “bronze river gods.”  By the sound of it they were a motley crew who ran with even more raucous folks, the likes of which included one or more of the real life characters that inspired Edward Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Gang

    These old photos of Bob rallying on his custom Norton capture some of the wildness that was that time and space.  All photos courtesy of Bob Jensen via Adam Hoff.

  13. Space.  All photos courtesy of Goddard Space Flight Center's Flickr page.  There’s really amazing video there too, I encourage you to check it out. 

  14. Man’s gotta have a cave.  Here’s mine, photographed by the beautiful and talented Maria Christina Bianco.